Strange Myths About law & Order Armed forces In 2024 Elections


Here are some Strange Myths About Law & Order Armed Forces In the 2024 Elections. Pakistan’s fortified forces are pivotal in ensuring security and maintaining law and order during the electoral process. Composition 245 of the Constitution of Pakistan states that the service will help conduct the choices, with specific duties outlined for different categories.

Strange Myths About Law & Order Armed Forces

The police will be responsible for maintaining law and order during the election. In contrast, civil fortified forces like Rangers and Frontier Corps( FC) will handle security in the alternate phase. The Pakistan Army will act as a Quick Response Force( QRF) in the third league, stationed in general polling areas to address any security situations that may arise.

The labor force from the civil fortified forces and the Pakistan Army will unite to produce a secure terrain for the smooth functioning of District Returning Officers, Returning Officers( ROs), Presiding Officers( POs), and polling staff. The Civil Armed Forces will be engaged in guarding the printing press during the production of ballot papers, ensuring the integrity of the electoral apparatus.

Under regulations set by Sections 4 and 5 of the the Anti-Terrorism Act, Section 193 of the Choices Act 2017, and Article 220 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the Pak army also plays a vital role against terrorism, and the fortified forces will perform their duties, abiding by the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The exhibition of munitions will be banned under Section 144 on election day, emphasizing the need for a peaceful and secure electoral terrain. The police, Civil Armed Forces, and Pakistan Army will independently handle Tiers One, Two, and Three, strictly adhering to their designated places and liabilities.

As we know Pak army play important role for country safety but Also, measures like strict quests by civil fortified forces before entering polling stations aim to ensure that no banned particulars or munitions are carried outside. While maintaining a focused part outside largely sensitive polling stations, the Armed Forces won’t intrude in the counting process but will diligently ensure a peaceful conclusion to the counting process.

In case of irregularities or issues, the civil fortified forces and Pakistan Army are instructed to report to their officer-in-charge instantly, allowing for necessary legal conduct to be taken. Read further: No bone will be allowed to sabotage choices Military top brass before, 262nd Corps Commanders ’ Conference( CCC) presided over by General Syed Asim-Munir, Chief of Army Staff( COAS) on Wednesday unanimously agreed to expose India’s blatant violation of transnational laws and its true intentions to the world.

According to the Inter-Services Public Relations( ISPR), during the conference, tributes were paid to the supreme offerings made by the Shahadas , including officers, lower then officers, commissioners dogfaces of the Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, and citizens who have laid down their lives to ensure peace and stability in the country. The Forum resolved that terrorists, their facilitators, and abettors, working on the decree of hostile forces to destabilize Pakistan, will be dealt with the full muscle of the state.

The law & order armed forces stated Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are sacrosanct and unassailable. While Pakistan believes in peaceful coexistence with all countries, there will still be no concession over the country’s sovereignty and law & order armed forces , public honor, and bourns of Pakistani people and law & order armed forces .The conference also bandied India’s crusade of extraterritorial and extrajudicial killings, which perpetuates state-patronized terrorism and targets Pakistani citizens. The forum unanimously agreed to expose India’s blatant violation of transnational laws and its true intentions. The transnational community has formerly expressed serious enterprises over the felonious gesture of India and its use of state outfits for killing sprees around the world.

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