RCB Captain Candid Career Comparison with Virat Kohli 2024

Mandhna, the RCB captain, thinks we should remember Virat Kohli wins for Bengaluru. Her RCB team won the Women’s Premier League title in just their second year. Kohli’s team hasn’t won in 16 years, even though he led them for almost 10 years. Mandhna said It’s not right to say my career is the same as Virat Kohli’s career.

RCB Captain Mandhna Said :

RCB Captain Candid Career Comparison with Virat Kohli
RCB Captain Candid Career Comparison with Virat Kohli

The reason I don’t like comparing is because what he achieved is amazing; he’s been very inspiring. A title doesn’t show everything; we all respect him a lot, and I think that respect should be high for Virat. So, I feel the same way,” said the India vice-captain.

Both Mandhna and Kohli wear No. 18 jerseys. Mandhana, the left-handed batter, said it’s not fair to compare them because of that.

I wouldn’t call it comparing with 18. Wearing the number 18 on my jersey is something I like; it’s because my birthday is on the 18th. But it doesn’t say how I play cricket. He’s someone we admire for many reasons, so I don’t think winning titles is the only important thing,” she said.

Mandhna the rcb captain thought the men’s team played well but never won an IPL title.

I believe both the men’s and women’s teams have played well in the last 16 years. It’s not fair to say one hasn’t done well. We shouldn’t compare them because they are different teams. RCB is a franchise, so let’s think of them as separate teams.

RCB Captain Mandhna said that “They are good at what they do. We are good at what we do,”.

After the break, when Sophie got three wickets in a row, everything changed in the game.

” After the timeout, that over changed the game when Sophie got three wickets, changed the. I liked how the spinners planned and executed. It was impressive. Mandhna liked the team’s ‘one tribe’ culture. Everyone has been working on it for the past two years.”

“Yeah, the team culture. We talked about it a lot after the last season with the management. They wanted to build a strong one. We’re still new, in the first or second year, but if we get some things right now, it could help us for a long time. Culture is very important for our team.”

“One tribe, we are like one family and we are all there for each other. We helped each other a lot last year, and we did it even more this year. Last year, things didn’t go well, but this year was even better. Much better, the management was there, celebrating each other’s success.”

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